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    After receiving your order, we will send you ordered book with invoice. When You order more than one book we will send you one book as sample. Rest of them we will send after payment.
    There is a possibility to increase ordered quantity of books, discounts will be counted from total quantity.

     In case invoice is not payed in time, we are forced to public deptor on paleontologic www sites or in specialist magazines. This arrangement is necessary because of bad experiences from past.

    Publishing house TRILOBIT can verify your order by e-mail.

2 pieces of the same books - 10%
10 pieces of the same books - 20%

    If you order complete set SYSTÊME SILURIEN DU CENTRE DE LA BOHÊME, you will get 10% discount from every volume and bonus book I. Hawle ? A. C. J.Corda, Prodrom einer Monographie der böhmischen Trilobiten (1847) 176 pages, 7 plates, 1 board.
    All other books are in progress and will be avaible as soon as possible. Their prices will be about 150 US.

Postal charge
    We must add to every order postal charge. This postal charge is different for every country and its defined by czech postal tarif.

For more informations send e-mail to book-info@trilobit.biz.

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